Which province is handling the COVID-19 pandemic best?


Evan Solomon hosts a panel discussion to compare the pandemic responses in Ontario, Quebec and B.C. Reporters from each province assign grades to how the provinces have handled schools, vaccines, long-term care, and communications.  On today's show:  Laura Stone, Queen’s Park reporter for The Globe and Mail, Aaron Derfel, health reporter for the Montreal Gazette, and Pamela Fayerman, a Vancouver health and medical journalist, take part in the 'pandemic report cards' panel discussion. Christian Leuprecht, political science professor at the Royal Military College and Queen's University, weighs-in on the allegations against Gen. Vance and Admiral McDonald.  We discuss the on-going issues with the government's quarantine hotel program.  Shane Hartje, founder of First Steps Wellness Centre, explains why he is completing a 5,000km snowmobile journey around Manitoba.  


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