Yarrow Kraner - The Race Between Consciousness & Catastrophe


Yarrow Kraner is the founder of HATCH—a global network of innovators and co-conspirators actively doing the work to create a more beautiful, sustainable, and just world (people who Yarrow refers to as “real-life superheroes”). HATCH'S mission is to accelerate solutions to global challenges. The how: by fueling extraordinary humans. The why: to HATCH a better world. Yarrow is a creative alchemist whose heart has the distinct ability to draw people out of a state of self-uncertainty and into a state of self-empowerment—one that has the literal power to change the world. I say that with no fluff. He is, with all sincerity a creative alchemist, builder of community, facilitator of hope, and someone who shows me the truest side of friendship. We have traveled the world together, backpacks on tight, creating safe spaces for people (like you, yes You) to see and discover their ability to make REAL change in this world. Today, you’ll hear him wax poetic like, “There's a race between consciousness and catastrophe.” And speak truth that brings you deeper into the hope we need. This one IS that: “You are either tapped into what you're meant to do in the world, or you have the potential to.” This one goes out to all of us.


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