Featured Podcasts

  • Ted Talks Daily

    Fascinating subjects in bite-sized formats. Makes me feel smarter.

  • The Daily

    Great in-depth info on news stories of the day from outstanding journalists.

  • Revisionist History

    The always original and curious podcast by the bestselling writer Malcolm Gladwell. Every episode is so unique, his lines of inquiry so smart and fresh, that I find it essential. Everything from shooting free throws in the NBA to taking the LSAT to get into law school, it is never what you think you will hear, and takes you to places you can never predict.

  • The Dan Patrick Show

    I love NFL football and sports and Dan and the Danettes are great company at all times. Smart on sports and they get great guests from the sports and entertainment worlds. Helps to get my mind off the News!

  • Myths and Legends

    The best kind of weird. Stories you may have heard before but never knew where they came from or stories you've never heard but will be glad you did. Quirky and curious.

  • The Jann Arden Podcast

    She's hilarious and heartbreaking. Above all, she's real. This podcast makes me smile, makes me cry, it makes me feel all the feels.

  • Freakonomics

    Economic theory can be used to explain and understand almost any aspect of human life. No podcast demonstrates that as effectively as Freakonomics.

  • Above Avalon

    I'm an Apple fan and Neil Cybart is one of the most accurate analysts of the company in the industry, and one of the few that understands what Apple's actual business model is.


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