Montrealers report getting spam calls at all hours from far-off places


Many Montrealers have taken to Twitter — and contacted CJAD 800 — to report getting strange, and often repeated calls from far-off places in recent days.

Many of those calls are from places like Congo and the Central African Republic, and what would typically happen is, the person would pick up the call, only to have whoever or whatever is at the other end hang up.

CJAD 800 listener Ian Bell contacted us via Your Story. He says he 's received at least 30 such calls over the weekend — sometimes, at all hours of the night.

"We've had them before, but not to this extent," Bell said. "I mean, it's kind of like getting out of control. We've talked to a lot of our friends, people on Facebook. And the carriers are telling people to change their phone numbers."

Bell says contacted his carrier, who told him the calls were likely computer-generated. They also told him there was nothing they could do about the calls.

A few of the calls, it appears, are part of a phone scam targeting Visa credit card holders, warning them of irregular purchases with their card.

Montreal police and the SQ said over the weekend they were unaware of the calls, but that they are looking into the matter.

Police and the big carriers routinely advise people not to hit redial on unknown numbers from foreign countries — you may be on the hook for a pricey long-distance call.

Meanwhile, Elections Canada refused to speculate on whether the calls had anything to do with the federal election — although an Elections Canada official CJAD 800 spoke with did note that it was a "pretty interesting" coincidence, and that they would look into the matter further.

CJAD 800's Shawn Dearn contributed to this report.


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