Valérie Plante open to other options besides naming Griffintown REM station after Bernard Landry


Montreal mayor Valérie Plante says she is open to other options besides naming the planned REM light-rail station in Griffintown after the late Quebec premier Bernard Landry.

Plante made the controversial suggestion back in November, citing Landry's contributions to creating the Cité Multimédia sector in Griffintown. She stuck to her guns last month.

Some members of Montreal's Irish community objected to the idea and wanted the name to reflect the Irish history of the neighbourhood.

Plante said a recent meeting with some members of the Irish community showed her how sensitive the issue is.

"It was very important for me to let them know that for me, I don't want to hurt no one's feelings. I truly recognize how the Irish community has been contributing so much to Montreal," said Plante.

But Plante added that it's also important to honour the memory of Landry.

"Griffintown is so important and then there's Bernard Landry (for all the reasons I said) so at this point, I'm not saying it's not going to happen. All I wanted to do was to recognize how important it is," said Plante.

"It's not so much about changing my mind because ultimately, it's a suggestion that I made to the REM and it's something we will all decide together. But this meeting was a very good and important one."

The REM (Reseau Express Métropolitain) will ultimately make the decision with the help of a committee of experts.


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