City apologizes for pitbull paperwork mix-up

Steve and his pitbull

After receiving a letter saying he'd have to get rid of his dog because his special permit to own a pitbull type dog had been rejected, Stephen Andrade says the city of Montreal has changed its mind.

Stephen spoke with the Andrew Carter Morning Show Thursday and explained how on March 20, 11 days prior to the city's March 31 deadline, he turned in all the required paperwork and paid all the fees to register his dog Brio with animal control officials.

But instead of receiving the needed tags for Brio, Steven got a letter this week saying his paperwork was not complete and if he could not provide the missing documents within 48 hours he would have to find his dog a new home outside of Montreal.

"I did it by the books, I did it by the law, I did it step-by-step, and now they're saying I didn't do the right paperwork" he said.

After speaking with CJAD 800 Stephen again spoke with the city, this time he got an apology, told to dismiss the letter and was told he would be receiving Brio's tags shortly.

Many other pitbull type dog owners voiced their frustrations, claiming to be in a similar situation.

If owners of the now banned dogs feel they were sent a notice by mistake they should contact the city.