Cemetery administrators oppose plans to block through traffic on mountain


The people who run the two major burial grounds on Mount Royal are speaking out against the Plante administration's plans to ban through traffic on the mountain, saying they want to make sure visitors are able to come up.

The city says the pilot project which would restrict motor vehicles from travelling from one end of the mountain to the other will be in effect on June 2, and continue right through the end of October.

Along the way, there will be public consultations beginning later this month, with the city's public consultation office open throughout the summer.

Administrators of the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges and Mount Royal cemeteries say under the plan, day-to-day visitors will have a hard time accessing the main gates on their grounds — the main entrance for the Mount Royal cemetery, in fact, is right where Camillien-Houde Way and Remembrance Rd. meet.

The other entrance is from a dead-end street in Outremont and is not very visible.

Mayor Valerie Plante says visitors would be able to use a bus stop near the main entrance, or drive to other cemetery gates, but officials at both grounds say those who visit their loved ones on a daily basis can't walk very far, and nor can they take public transportation.

Meanwhile, Lionel Perez, the opposition leader at City Hall, said Tuesday the plan lacks vision, and doesn't really address the problem that was supposedly the reason for it — preventing vehicles from making U-turns on the mountain, like the one that killed 18-year-old cyclist Clement Ouimet in October.