Millennial Quebecers turning their backs on separatism: poll

Quebec Canada

A new poll seems to confirm the notion that young Quebecers are increasingly disinterested in separatism and identity issues.

The poll, done by the Ipsos firm for La Presse, asked voters in the 18-25 age range to rank a dozen priorities ahead of the Oct. 1 election.

Education tops the list, followed by health care, the environment, the economy and jobs.

Among the issues at the bottom — the state of the French language, immigration, and sovereignty, which came dead last.

In addition, 70 per cent of those young people polled call themselves federalists, when given the choice between calling themselves federalist or sovereignist. A paltry 19 per cent called themselves sovereignists.

The pollsters also found that despite their disdain for the identity-related debates of their parents, two-thirds of those polled called themselves Quebecers first.

One in four, meanwhile, say the student protest movement of 2012 was the event that first got them interested in politics, and 81 per cent say they intend to cast a ballot on Oct. 1 — though Laval University professor Éric Montigny tells La Presse that that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone who says they'll go and vote actually will in three weeks' time.


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