2019 in review: Trending stories in Quebec that had you talking

Can someone get that Montreal alligator some unicorn poutine? Or maybe Youppi! can use his newfound fame to make sure priceless art is never stolen again.

Here are some trending stories that had your mouth gaping open in 2019:

Don’t body shame me

A Celine Dion fan got a lot of attention after she posted a message to Facebook blasting a woman she says body shamed her at the diva’s concert.

Charlotte Belanger says a woman sitting next to her sent out a series of rude texts saying that she "hopes the two women next to (her) would not dance, because it could crush (her)."

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Why did the alligator cross the street?

Montrealers sitting at a café on Jarry Street were shocked when they spotted an alligator, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere, crossing the street.

The owner of the animal quickly came to retrieve it before Montreal police arrived onsite.

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Things not to do when drunk

A moment of drunken foolishness turned to one of sober regret, but all’s well that ends well, right?

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) got a valued piece of art back after a would-be thief, who removed the left hand of a totem pole in front of the museum’s pavilion, returned the object with a note saying he was sorry.

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Magical, or gross?

What happens when a Toronto-area restaurant decides to make its very own version of Quebec’s favourite grub?

Well, in short, social media gets outraged.

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Youppi! Is officially a hall-of-famer

Youppi!, the Montreal Canadiens’ lovable and goofy orange mascot, was officially inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame.

His induction came after a frenzied competition against ten other finalists.

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Political popularity contest

It’s been a contentious year in politics for Quebec, but you may be surprised to find out who came out on top of a list of most popular politicians in the province.

Hint: Andrew Scheer was not in the top 10.

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