4-month-baby killed at Boucherville drive-in

Boucherville cine-parc

A night out at the movies ended in tragedy on the South Shore Wednesday night.

According to Longueuil police a 4-month-old baby was killed after being hit by a car in the parking lot of the Cine-parc Boucherville. The vehicle was backing up and the driver did not see the child, who was in a tent on the ground at the time.

Witnesses at the drive-in theatre said the baby was in a small tent on the ground near the back end of the vehicle. Some people at the scene rushed in and attempted lifesaving maneuvers, but the child's injuries were too much. The little girl was taken to hospital where doctors confirmed the heartbreaking news.

Investigators spent several hours at the scene in order to understand the exact circumstances that led to the tragedy.