5 days or more to get COVID test result? Exception and not the rule:Quebec health ministry


Some people are still having to wait five days or more for COVID test results and they're wondering what is happening since other people seem to be getting them sooner.

A CJAD 800 listener who wished to protect their family's privacy reached out to yourstory@cjad.com complaining about having heard nothing about their test results more than five days after getting a COVID swab.

In a statement, Quebec's health  ministry said most results do come back in 24 to 48 hours - with more than 80% of results provided in a day and the majority in two days.

It said if it's taking more than five days, it's likely an exception due to factors such as human error or mishandling. 

It recommends contacting the regional health authority in your area to see what's going on.


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