8-month term recommended for drunk driver who ran over Hudson jogger

Tina Adams

Crown and defence lawyers have recommended an eight month jail term for a 26-year-old drunk driver who ran over and seriously injured a woman in Hudson over 3 and a half years ago.

Tina Adams, 24, and her friend were out jogging in June 2015 when Jordan Taylor struck them with his car while he was well over the legal blood alcohol limit.

Taylor pleaded guilty last summer to two counts of drunk driving causing bodily harm.

Adams was emotional in court as she described the impact it's had on her life: multiple injuries such as a destroyed hip and cracked skull; 19 operations; regular physiotherapy; and chronic pain. She also made a video about it which she presented in court.

"It didn't only affect me for 3 1/2 years; this is going to affect me for the rest of my life," she told judge Bernard St-Arnaud, explaining about arthritic pain and whether she'd be able to have children.

Adams also suggested to the judge that Taylor accompany her when she speaks to students about the dangers and impacts of drunk driving, saying it would have a big impact on youths if he were there.

St-Arnaud told Adams that her talks to students were commendable.

"What you are doing, you're making a real impact, I'm sure of that," said St-Arnaud.

The judge said he's convinced that if Adams doesn't change their lives, she would at least change their behaviour and he told her he hoped she'd continue.

Taylor spoke publicly for the first time since the accident, apologizing to Adams. He faced the judge but looked over to Adams as he expressed his remorse, saying he "will never forget what happened and it will continue to haunt me."

Crown prosecutor Hélène Langis and defence attorney Philip Schneider told the judge they based their joint recommendation on case law as well as mitigating factors such as Taylor's young age, guilty plea and lack of a criminal record.

They also considered the aggravating factors such as the seriousness of Adams' injuries and the consequences to date and in the future.

They also recommended a one year probation and 15 month driving ban. Taylor has been forbidden to drive since his arrest.

The judge said he needed time to think it over, mentioning that they were "very, very important injuries and consequences."

"They are for life," said St-Arnaud.

The judge will render his sentence in three weeks.