A push to keep the metro running all night on weekends during the summer


The official opposition at Montreal city hall wants a pilot project to keep the metro running all night on weekends during the summer.

Ensemble Montreal will table a motion at the next city council meeting asking that the metro stay open all night for 13 weekends starting with Grand Prix and ending with Labour Day.

The opposition party said it would help public security by keeping drunk drivers off the road, boost business in the city, would mean fewer cars on the road, and provide added service for night workers.

The party also said that maintenance on metro cars that is usually done during overnight could be re-scheduled to the other five nights.

Ensemble Montreal admitted it didn't calculate how much this would all cost but said the STM would be able to assess the costs since it's already been done for New Year's Eve and Nuit Blanche, with 50,000 users during the all-nighter event alone.

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante said the opposition has a tendency to throw out ideas without costing them. Plante said the idea is fine in principle but the city would need to know if they have the financial capacity to do it.


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