A year to go before Montreal municipal elections - interesting races shaping up


In one year from today, Montrealers will head to the polls for municipal elections, with some interesting races shaping up.

Political analyst Karim Boulos said some names are circulating to run against incumbent mayor Valérie Plante who has said she'll go for another mandate - names such as Plante's predecessor Denis Coderre.

"Just a star is not enough - I think people need to feel a sense of assurance that whoever gets to sit in that chair will have the wherewithal to make the right kinds of decisions," said Boulos.

Boulos said it'll be interesting to see if Plante can hang for another four years.

"We hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the West Island and off-island -  'for people to come into the city, it's very complicated' - but they don't really have a vote so Valérie Plante is going to have to stay the course, she has to be consistent," said Boulos.

Sue Montgomery said she wants a second term as CDN-NDG mayor and will be running a full slate of candidates in the borough under her new party Équipe Sue Montgomery, which she founded after a falling out with Projet Montreal - Plante's party that recruited her back in 2017.

Montgomery said she believes there's an appetite for change in the borough and she's confident voters can be lured away from the main parties such as Projet Montreal and Ensemble Montreal.

"I think they'll vote for the person, the people that they think will represent them," said Montgomery in an interview with CJAD 800.

Boulos said mayors in Anjou and LaSalle have been doing fine independently but without a lot of drama in their boroughs.

Other incumbents are still making up their minds such as St. Laurent mayor Alan DeSousa.

Leader of Vrai changement Montréal and former Pierrefonds-Roxboro councillor, Justine McIntyre, announced on Twitter she's leaving politics.

Seven political parties in Montreal are registered to date, with some new ones waiting in the wings.


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