After heavy snowfall, people with mobility issues often left frustrated and isolated

Snow storm (

Montrealers woke up to a solid layer of snow on the ground opening children's eyes wide at the chance do some sledding, while those requiring mobility assistance feel once again that they are left out to struggle in a tough environment.

Steven Laperriere is the general manager at RAPLIQ (Regroupement des activistes pour linclusion au Quebec), an organization that supports people with disabilities.

He said people with disabilities are often frustrated at the state of sidewalks and roads after weather events and the length it takes crews to clear snow and ice.

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“They’re stuck home. If the sidewalks are not cleared fast enough you cannot go out," said Laperriere. :If there are small amounts of snow or small patches of ice on the sidewalk, if you use a wheelchair or even worse if you use a walker you’re in danger. You never know what can happen. So it’s not easy.”

He added that paratransit services are generally cancelled for at least a couple of days after big storms

“You’re in a reoccurring confinemen,” he said.


A snowfall warning was in place for the Montreal area.

Environment Canada was predicting up to 15 centimetres of snow, but, in the end, the area received 12 centimeters.

The warning was also in effect for the Quebec City area, the Eastern Townships, Drummondville - Bois-Franc, Beauce, Mauricie, Montmagny - L'Islet and the Richelieu Valley - Saint-Hyacinthe.


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