Agreement in principle for 49,000 Quebec teachers headed to a vote

Quebec teachers who are part of a major union grouping will be voting on the contract agreement in principle that was announced Thursday, the union said Friday night.

The FAE or Fédération autonome de l'enseignement will ask its 49,000 members to vote on the deal in virtual meetings in the coming weeks, it said in a press release.

The tentative deal was announced Thursday, but it needed to be submitted to a negotiating council to determine whether it qualified as an agreement in principle that was ready for a vote.

In accordance with labour rules at this stage, the content of the deal in principle hasn't yet been made public and will be revealed during general meetings, the union said Friday.

The union group president said he believed his members will see the deal as a good one, according to the release.

“The step that has just been taken is important since it will allow the teachers who will participate in the general assemblies to see the major advances contained in this agreement in principle, both in terms of salary and in terms of working conditions," FAE president Sylvain Mallette was quoted as saying.


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