Air pollution at Trudeau airport raises health concerns, calls for more research

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Noise isn't the only pollution coming from Montreal's Trudeau airport.

A recent study out of McGill found a high concentration of airborne nanoparticles at the airport.

Most of the airborne particles are considered benign, but some nanoparticles include heavy metals that could be hazardous to your health. 

Although Dr. Parisa Ariya, who conducted the study, said these particles won't kill you, the fact that there is a high concentration of certain nanoparticles means that more research will need to be done.

Since Dr. Ariya's study was only a physical and chemical one, she said it will require public health research. 

"It definitely reccommends a concentrated, integrated study," Ariya said.

President of citizen's group 'Les Pollués de Montréal-Trudeau,' Pierre Lachapelle said he agrees that more needs to be done in terms of public health.

"Now I think it's time to see what is the public health concern," he said. 

Concerns have already been raised, as Lachapelle's neighbors have dealth with airborne pollution from jets leaving the airport left on their laundry.

"There are black spots on their laundry at the end of the day," Lachapelle said.

He said he's unsure of what that is, and Ariya said there are still many 'unknowns' out there.

But for Ariya, what is known for certain is that it has to be looked at a little closer before jumping to any conclusions. 

"We have to do the research studies, with the collaborator from health sciences as well, then we would be able to see if the concern is valid," Ariya said.