Alleged victim in Kimi Räikkonen police complaint accusing her of extortion speaks out


The Montreal woman who alleges F1 racer Kimi Räikkönen groped her at a Grand Prix party in 2015 spoke out yesterday after the Ferrari driver filed a complaint with Montreal police alleging extortion and harassment.

Cassandra Talula Dias-Greizis spoke to media including the Journal de Montréal and TVA at a brief news conference yesterday at her lawyer's office.

Dias-Greizis said she filed a sexual assault complaint with police.

She also said that if the F1 driver, the media and lawyers want to "go to war against the truth," then she's ready.

Dias-Greizis called Räikkönen's police complaint "disgusting and horrible."

The allegations against Räikkönen are detailed in a blog post by Dias-Greizis, who doesn’t name Räikkönen explicitly.

Dias-Greizis would neither confirm nor deny that she demanded money, saying "there's no price that he can pay that would make up for what he did."

Räikkönen’s representative claimed the demands in April and earlier this month were “aggressive” with a threat to go public.

With files from The Canadian Press.


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