Angry customer at LaSalle bar shoots and injures two men in their 70s

LaSalle Bar Shooting

Two men in their 70s were shot Tuesday night while in a bar in LaSalle by an apparently disgruntled customer who had been kicked off the premises, Montreal police say. The victims are alive in hospital.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m., police said, at a bar near the intersection of Shevchenko Blvd. and David Boyer St.

The suspect had been in the bar earlier and was "invited to leave the premises due to the fact that he was aggressive," said Montreal police spokesperson Raphael Bergeron.

He "came back a couple of minutes later," apparently armed, and "fired a couple of gunshots towards people inside the bar."

The two men who were injured were both said to be 72 at first, Bergeron said, but police later realized their exact ages were unclear, though both are in their 70s.

Neither of their injuries appear to be life-threatening and they were both taken to hospital.

After the shooting, the suspect left the scene and was still at large at midnight, police said.

He's described as a white man around 30 years old.


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