Another confirmed case of measles in Montreal

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For the third time this year, Montreal Public Health officials have issued a warning of a possible measles exposure.

According to the notice an unvaccinated person became infected with the disease, likely during a recent trip to France, and was contagious from April 26th to May 4th.

During that time the individual was on a flight from Paris to Montreal, visited two clinics (April 28 and 30) and a hospital (May 1).

Officials did not reveal which clinics or hospital the patient visited.

The notice added that the infected person had close contact with a child, also unvaccinated and at high risk of contracting the disease, who attends school in the Ahuntsic area. That child has not been diagnosed with measles but did attend the unidentified school during the incubation period.

As a precaution a booster vaccine was offered at the school on Friday and at a local CLSC over the weekend. 

The measles incubation period lasts about seven to 14 days (rare cases up to 21) from the moment of exposure with a rash appearing between two to four days later. A person is contagious about four days before the appearance of the rash and for about four days after.

Officials said it's possible other cases of measles will occur in people who were exposed and not adequately protected up until May 25.

In all three confirmed cases of measles in Montreal this year, it’s believed the disease was contracted while abroad.