Anti-feminist blogger who glorified Polytechnique murderer banned from UQAM campus


The Montreal man whose online blog glorified the Polytechnique murderer and resulted in charges of inciting hatred towards women has been forbidden by a judge to go to the UQAM campus.

Jean-Claude Rochefort, 70, made a brief court appearance this morning.

Rochefort was arrested last month on the eve of the 30th commemoration of the Polytechnique massacre where 14 women were killed because they were women.

Rochefort admitted during his bail hearing that he was the author of an online blog praising the Polytechnique shooter and denouncing feminists. Evidence showed that his blog attracted as many as 60,000 followers.

Rochefort was released on bail under several strict conditions including not being allowed to have internet at home or using it in public places and not to communicate with anyone who has anti-feminist ideologies.

The crown and the defence recommended to the judge this morning another bail condition: not to step foot on the campus of UQAM.

Crown prosecutor Josiane Laplante told reporters that UQAM employees were named in Rochefort's blog and that UQAM requested a way to protect them.

Laplante said Rochefort had not been to the campus recently.

The prosecutor said evidence would later show why the employees were mentioned in the articles.

Rochefort, wearing a navy winter jacket, didn't say much in court except, 'Yes' to understanding all his bail conditions including the new one.

The next court date is in three weeks; Laplante said they should be deciding whether this goes to trial or to go forward with another option to be determined.

(Photo: Jean-Claude Rochefort, left, exits the courtroom with his lawyer Marc-Olivier Carrier)