Are we in for a very harsh winter?

It's always a major topic of conversation this time of the year - what kind of winter are we going to get?

According to Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips, we have a decent amount of fall weather left and winter "shouldn't" be as long as last year.

"September was a little warmer than normal, October has clearly been that way and we think this pattern is going to continue" says Phillips. 

"We think this winter will be not as long as last year which is good, but we think it's going to be what think is a normal kind of winter." 

According to Phillips, a nomral winter is one we can expect lots of snow but not the same type of freeze thaw we received last year.

Environment Canada says last winter, Montreal had 9 months in a row of below average temperatures.

"People were in a dump because winter started early" Phillips added.

"It's not as if we will be in tank tops and muscle shirts in November, but we can expect milder temperatures from last year."