Aspiring stuntwoman could face stiff fine for her public bus drag


The young woman who was filmed being dragged along Sherbrooke St. while hanging off the back of a 24 bus could be in for a hefty fine.

Montreal police say 19-year-old Cassandre Thomas, an aspiring French stuntwoman and self-professed adrenaline junkie, could have to shell out anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 because of the video she posted to her Instagram account over the weekend.

It shows Thomas being dragged by the STM bus along several blocks on Sherbrooke St. near Bleury St. A light snow cover provides something of a layer of protection from the hard pavement. Since it was posted to social media on Saturday, it has been seen tens of thousands of times.

A statement for the STM says it doesn't appear that the bus driver was even aware that someone was hanging off of his vehicle.

"Nonetheless, this kind of behavior is totally deplorable and dangerous," the statement reads. "People who do these kinds of things can face stiff fines (given by Montreal police, since our inspectors don't have that power) according to the Highway Safety Code, in addition to putting their lives at risk."

The transit agency also says it isn't saying any more about the stunt, saying it doesn't want to give the would-be daredevil any more publicity.

Thomas, meanwhile, told the Journal de Montréal she has no regrets, telling the paper that being from the French island of St. Martin in the Caribbean, she's not used to the kinds of rules we are in Montreal — adding they don't even have traffic lights where she's from.

She also admitted to the Journal she was angling for some kind of stunt work.

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