Beaconsfield reopens outdoor ice rinks to hockey players


Beaconsfield has changed its mind and is allowing hockey players back on the ice on certain outdoor rinks.

The city had banned hockey on some rinks over a week ago saying some players were not obeying rink regulations or public health rules.

In a statement, it now says it's giving everybody a second chance.

As of today and until Sunday, the Christmas and Heights skating rinks will be open for hockey from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. They'll be reserved for family hockey ice time until 1 p.m.

A maximum of 16 players and 2 supervisors for a total of 18 people on the ice is allowed.

A private security guard will be monitoring things.

The rinks are only for Beaconsfield residents and players will have to sign an attendance sheet.

"The City will close the rinks if the sanitary measures and rules for rinks are not respected," said the statement.

All other rinks are for public recreational skating only.


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