Blue Metro line extension to be officially announced Monday


The extension of Montreal's Blue line metro has been long talked about, leaving many with a "believe it when I see it" attitude. Come Monday, the extension will be official.

While the city of Montreal and provincial government have been focused on bringing the five stations and extra 5.8 kilometers of track to life, the federal government has been holding the metro doors open.

In the recent provincial budget $365 million was set aside to help plan the Blue line project. When the federal government unveiled its budget one month earlier there was no mention of funding for the metro extension.

Last month Quebec Transport Minister André Fortin promised the Blue line would be one of the next major announcements made by the government. 

On Monday the official announcement of the extension is expected, with backing from the federal government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reportedly be on hand. 

Full details of how both levels of government plan to pay for the $3.9 billion are still being worked out, but it's expected the province will cover roughly 60 per cent of the cost.