Bon Cop, Bad Cop app allows users to film, map cases of police brutality, profiling

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By Adam Kovac, CTV News Montreal

MONTREAL -- A group of Montreal activists are launching a new app aimed at exposing incidents of police brutality and profiling.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop allows users to rate their interactions with law enforcement by recording and mapping instances where they said police discriminated against them.

A similar app called Good Cop, Bad Cop is already available in the United States.

The new app is being launched by a coalition that includes community group Hoodstock, who helped organize several marches against police brutality and racism over the summer following the death of George Floyd.

An internal Montreal police report released last year showed Black and Indigenous Montrealers were four times more likely to be subject to street checks than white ones.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop goes live on the Apple app store and Google Play on Monday.  


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