Breast cancer patients can get medical support through new free virtual clinic


A new free virtual clinic for breast cancer patients is seeing more people sign up these days especially in this time of COVID-19.

350 breast cancer patients have registered with the free virtual clinic that was launched a month ago by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and telemedicine provider Dialogue. The expanded pilot project can accomodate more than a thousand people, offering online support from nurses and other healthcare professionals.

"The COVID crisis just showcased more the importance of tele-health," said Jida El Hajjar, vice president of investment and health promotion.

"During COVID, Dialogue had more and more calls and it's totally normal because everyone couldn't go or didn't want to go to the emergency room or go to the hospital because they were scared to contract the virus." 

El Hajjar said patients have also liked having psychological and emotional support besides medical advice.

The service is offered free to people diagnosed with non-metastatic breast cancer in the past five years.

To sign up or for more information, go to the foundation's website.


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