Bricks from a building on Montreal's Parc Ave. fell and smashed on the sidewalk

Bricks fell from a building on Parc Ave. Mar. 3, 2020 causing the Dollarama to be evacuated. SOURCE Taylor Fergusson

Passersby on Parc Avenue in Montreal are lucky to have been missed by debris when a bunch of bricks fell off the side of a building.

Surveillance video footage shows a pile of bricks nearly hitting a person walking along the sidewalk.

WATCH: Bricks fall from the sky and nearly crush this #Montreal woman. Thankfully, everyone is safe

— ROBERTO ⚾️ (@Robertopedia) March 3, 2020

"My friend lives in the building and I was over when it happened around 1 p.m.," said Taylor Fergusson. "It sounded like something fell off the roof and hit the ground, but we weren't sure what it was."

Fergusson said he heard the sound again and looked out the window to see bricks on the street and people staring up.

Montreal police cars blocked the street temporarily, but said officers were there only to assist as no one was injured.

The building, located at 5642 Park Ave. in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough was evacuated, and a pile of bricks remained on the sidewalk near Fried's shoe store.

"It was only after we were evacuated that we saw more bricks on the ground, and how much had actually fallen off the building," said Fergusson.