Building collapse in East end


A building has collapsed this afternoon and officials are keeping a close eye on a second adjacent one. 

The abandoned building is near the intersection of Panet and Ontario, not far from the Village.

Nobody was inside the building, although some residents in the area told CJAD they had seen squatters around the building in the past.

The front of a building on Panet just north of Ontario collapsed out into the street, with its roof appearing to have caved in as well, leaving a mix of wooden debris and snow spreading out onto Panet.

The adjacent building on the northeast corner of Ontario and Panet was left standing, although without a back wall.

Up until summer 2016 that front building, had been a bar, but a large fire left it abandoned.

Several residents in the area say they had thought the building looked unstable and likely to collapse.

One woman, who called it "dangerous", said just a week and a half ago part of the street was closed off for the now-collapsed building to be inspected.

However, authorities reportedly deemed the building to not be a threat, and removed barricades.

Ontario Street remained blocked to traffic between Visitation and Plessis while the building is assessed; Panet Street is also blocked at the Ontario intersection.