Cadillac Fairview has big plans for a 'West Island downtown'

Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview announced it will be redeveloping green space west of Fairview Pointe Claire and turning it into a "West Island downtown."

It's the area is located between Highway 40, Fairview Avenue and Brunswick.

Plans announced last week include 5 million square feet of commercial and residential space, a boutique hotel, entertainment and a park.

There is no time line for the redevelopment project but it will run in three phases. The first phase has already started with the new Simons store replacing Sears and a brand new food court expected to open next summer. 

Many people shopping at Fairview say they're not sure about more development but would like to see more green space.

"Just a nice place where you could sit out, maybe outside with your friends," said one shopper.

"I think that we need more greenspace everywhere," said another.

"Maybe a park for kids, that would be helpful - basketball courts or soccer fields," said one man to CJAD 800.

There is no cost associated with the project at the moment. 

With files from Shuyee Lee


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