Camouflage pants are back as STM inspectors begin pressure tactics


If you've seen STM inspectors wearing camouflage pants, it's because they're starting pressure tactics over contract negotiations.

Talks began in the summer of last year but broke down this spring over scheduling.

The union alleges the STM wants to cut back hours and center schedules around rush hours in order to save OT.

Union president Kevin Grenier told CJAD 800 many of his members have young families or are single parents so getting their hours cut would make it impossible to have a work-life balance.

The STM went on a hiring blitz last year.

Grenier alleges the STM won't tell them how those hiring plans will figure into the new staffing plans or hours.

The STM would only say they're monitoring the situation and will tolerate this pressure tactic so long as it doesn't affect service or security.

STM inspectors fall under the same essential services category as police and can't use strike action as a pressure tactic.

The inspectors are taking a page from Montreal police who wore non-regulation pants such as camouflage gear when they were protesting municipal pension reforms.

The inspectors had also worn them for a time in solidarity with the police force.



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