CAQ government announces more money for families, seniors

eric girard

On Monday, Premier Francois Legault and Finance Minister Eric Girard announced the CAQ's financial update.

The CAQ government inherited a $1.7 billion surplus from the former Couillard government and says it will redistribute the money with caution with most of the money focussing on families and seniors, at least for now.

Family allowance will increase to $500 per child, up to three children while a $200 tax credit for seniors over the age of 70 will be introduced in January 2019.

The government is also freezing daycare costs and will also be eliminating the sliding scale fees and bring it back to $8 per day for child no matter family income in the near future.

Finance Minister Eric Girard says the government will prioritize with families and seniors before implementing other budget measure.

"We're taking some measures immediately, the most important are the family allowance, the accelerated depreciation, and the increase for low-income seniors," said Girard.

Other highlights include an extention for rebates for electric cars until March 2019. The rebate will depend on the type of car, but will be somewhere between $4,000 and $8,000.

A full budget will be tabled in the spring.