Carpooling, cheaper parking, and a transit watchdog: Coderre unveils his transport plan

Montreal mayoral candidate Denis Coderre unveiled his transportation plan Saturday, promising incentives for electric car drivers, a parking overhaul, and a new committee tasked with keeping STM projects on-schedule.   

"While society is evolving at high speed, the metropolis seems to be frozen in time when it comes to transport and mobility," wrote the candidate in a Saturday press release. "We will work to ensure that it arrives in the 21st century."

To do that, the plan includes incentives to ditch solo driving in gas-powered vehicles. If elected, Coderre says he'll increase the city's fleet of self-service vehicles, and offer drivers of those cars access to bus lanes, as well as free parking in metered areas. 

“Our strategy is divided into two axis: increasing self-service vehicles, and encouraging Montrealers to use them," said Saint-Laurent Borough Mayor Alan DeSousa, who's also a candidate for Ensemble Montreal. 

Carpoolers would also be allowed to drive in lanes reserved for buses.  


Ensemble Montreal's platform also includes new plans for parking, namely a signage overhaul, and a new way to pay the meter. 

Instead of paying for an allotted time, Coderre wants motorists to pay only for the time they used through the mobile parking app. 

The candidate also wants to review parking signage, "so that it is no longer a puzzle," according to a Saturday news release. It's not clear exactly how the party plans to do this. 


Buses and metro stations would be outfitted with smart phone payment systems, as well as options to pay with credit cards, according to the plan. 

Expansion plans for the STM network would be submitted to a new committee charged with keeping those projects running on-schedule.

Public transit would be free for those over 65, and the network would need to comply with a "quality commitment charter" to ensure cleaniliness and punctuality, the party says. 


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