CDN-NDG borough backtracks, removes Van Horne pedestrian corridor after complaints by merchants


The borough of CDN-NDG appears to have had a change of heart - and has removed a pedestrian corridor set up on part of Van Horne. - something that had merchants in the area up in arms.

"I don't think that much people is walking there," said Ganeshalingam  Kanthavanam, owner of Arizona Fruits and Vegetables in an interview with CJAD 800.

Kanthavanam said he'd notice if more pedestrians were walking by his store or coming in to shop - right now it's mostly deliveries and purchases by car. He said he and his fellow merchants were never consulted about the loss of much needed parking spots.

Lionel Perez, city councillor for the area, said there is plenty of space between the stores and the sidewalks for social distancing among pedestrians.

"We all understand there may be a need to have these pedestrian corridors but it's got to be justified," said Perez.

After saying a week ago it was a necessary measure to keep residents safe, the borough is now saying it's "heard and listened to merchants' complaints and will work with them and residents to find an alternative location."


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