CDN-NDG mayor calls for patience as roadwork, traffic ramp up


Now that the back-to-school period has started, you can't help but notice more traffic as you drive through the Côte-des-Neiges-NDG borough which is already congested with roadwork but its mayor is asking for patience.

"It's a mess," said Lionel Perez, leader of the Ensemble Montreal official opposition and councillor for Darlington.

"I've never seen as a city councillor for almost ten years the kind of havoc, the kind of lack of coordination as we've had this summer."

Perez said his constituents are complaining that the increased traffic plus the roadwork and detours in place make getting around frustrating.

"What's most worriesome is that I've gotten many complaints from citizens where they've seen incidents of road rage. That's something we've never seen on local roads because detours are not being properly determined," Perez told CJAD 800.

Borough mayor Sue Montgomery said they'll look into better signage but also,

"I just ask for people's patience in the next little while and to find alternate forms of transportation."

Montgomery said they have to do as much as they can before the snow falls.

"I understand that it causes a lot of disruption and inconvenience but it's work that needs to be done," said Montgomery in an interview with CJAD 800.

"Mr. Perez is quick to criticize us but the reason that there's so much work going on is becase past administrations haven't done it."

Montgomery said they are working on it as best they can.

"The infrastructure is just crumbling, literally crumbling before our eyes so the faster we get it done, the better," said Montgomery.