Cemetery tells family only two people can be present at their father's burial — no exceptions


A brother and sister were faced with a heartbreaking decision when they were told only one of them could accompany their mother at the grave where their father was buried on May 1.

In an email to CJAD 800's YourStory, Allison Weiner says her father-in-law passed away of cancer on April 14. They chose Kane and Fetterly for the funeral service and Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery for the burial.

The funeral home told her 10 people would be allowed at the indoor service but only two people would be allowed at the outside burial site, after Weiner and her family paid for the burial.

"It bothers me that it wasn't even the cemetery that told us" says Weiner. "It was the funeral director who broke the news."

Weiner says she was given a contact number for someone at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery and someone there told her there would be no exceptions and the change was following recent public health directives. 

CJAD 800 reached out to several cemeteries in Montreal and was told the number of people allowed at the burial site remains at 10.

A spokesperson for the Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges Cemetery told CJAD 800 that they are following public health directives and that they can't speak for another cemeteries.

"It's completely arbitrary. It's wrong." Weiner says. "Grieving is already a difficult process, there needs to be some humanity for some kind of normalcy." 


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