Chez Doris serves up holiday meals for more women than ever


A women’s shelter in Montreal hosted its annual holiday party on Wednesday. For the first time this year back-to-back parties were held to accommodate an increasing amount of women who use the shelter — a 25 per cent increase from last year.

Executive Director at Chez Doris, Marina Boulos-Winton, says the higher number is because of increasing poverty levels and asylum seekers. A recent census from the city found that women make up 25 per cent of Montreal's homeless population.

“They only get maybe 10 per cent of the emergency beds that are available in Montreal and maybe 10 per cent of the operating budget,” says Boulos-Winton. “We’re really under-resourced and we’re small in comparison to the organizations that serve men.

Thanks to a $1 million donation last spring, Chez Doris will see a new home with sleeping accommodations. 78 per cent of funding comes from donations.


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