CHUM administration wants to make a buck off TV rentals: Patients' advocate


The Administration at the CHUM super-hospital is being criticized by some patients and their families for a decision that more than doubled the cost to patients for a television in their hospital room.

When patients were at the Notre Dame hospital renting a TV and accessing programming cost about $110, per month. Since being relocated to the new facility patients are being asked to pay nearly $300, per month.

It gets worse if they would like Internet access too.

Patients’ rights activist, Paul Brunet is with Le Conseil pour la protection des malades and says CHUM’s decision doesn’t support the needs of patients.

“Let’s make it a little more human. Can we do that?,” asked Brunet. “When you’re going to charge $300 bucks to a patient do you honestly think it makes sense? You and me...everybody would say ‘no, it doesn’t make sense.’”

Her says the decision shows CHUM administration doesn’t seem to care about accessory services that are important for patients.

Services such as Internet access or access to a television should be elementary - just like having access to the phone.

“(The price increase) means the Administration wants to make a buck out of that and asked for a return on the price charged and the money made by the supplier,” said Brunet. That’s a shame!”

The new CHUM received similar criticism last May for its parking rates, which top-out at $24 per day.