City of Montreal launches new at-home fitness program for seniors

The city of Montreal has launched a colour-coded fitness plan meant to help seniors get exercise while they’re stuck at home.

The program, called “Le GO pour bouger!” was recently launched after health officials decided to take action against all the risks that come with confinement.

“If you don’t move for days at a time, you can lose strength and endurance,” the program’s website warns.

Neglecting fitness can also affect your brain, it says, with peope noticing their “memory isn’t as good,” which then creates a vicious cycle as it makes it harder to return to a more active life later.

The program has colour-coded exercise plans designed for different levels of pre-existing physical fitness—people are meant to pick which category they fit into, and follow that plan, whether it’s red, the level for the fittest people, or blue, a category designed for people who use a walker, wheelchair or other mobility aid.

Each level offers fitness videos, though the soundtracks are only in French so far. The city hasn’t yet responded to a question from CTV News about when English versions will be released. 


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