City of Montreal says stay home during wicked winter weekend weather

With sudden changes in weather expected Saturday and Sunday forecast to include freezing rain, sleet, and winds that could reach 60 KM/H overnight, the City of Montreal has issued a warning "only go out when absolutely necessary."

The city said snow removal teams in the 19 boroughs are watching Environment Canada's warnings closely and will continue to spread salt and sand to combat slick road surfaces.

Nos équipes surveillent l'évolution des conditions météo et sécurisent du mieux possible les 10 000 km de rues et de trottoirs.

Malgré les efforts déployés, les conditions météorologiques rendront les déplacements difficiles. La prudence est de mise.


— Ville de Montréal (@MTL_Ville) January 11, 2020

The city's "how to" guide for dealing with a major winter storm is posted on its website, and includes the following tips:

  • Keep a 72-hour emergency kit handy
  • Don't overuse heating equipment and lower the thermostat in rooms not in use.
  • Use public transit if at all possible
  • Dress warmly, watch for signs of frostbite or hypothermia
  • Watch for falling ice and downed power lines
  • Stick to main roads if you have to drive
  • Stay inside the vehicle if stopped