City of Montreal wants to phase out home heating oil by 2030


The city of Montreal says you won't be heating with oil anymore by 2030 and use of natural gas will also be phased out by 2050.

The city's ambitious carbon-neutral plan aims to have no more heating oil systems in:

  • municipal buildings by 2021;
  • industrial, institutional and commercial buildings by 2025
  • residential buildings by 2030.

Montreal mayor Valérie Plante said they'll be taking an inventory of buildings but they know that 18 city buildings and about a third of homes currently use heating oil.

Plante said there are existing provincial programs that can help pay to make the conversion and the city could provide support as well, though she couldn't be more specific, adding they're looking at options.

Plante said they favour switching to hydro electricity.

The city said that heating oil represents 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector and 14% in the industrial and commercial sector.