City of Montreal, YMCA try to reassure NDG residents worried about their Y's future


Some NDG residents say they're worried about the future of their YMCA but the city of Montreal and the Y are meantime trying to reassure them they are working together to help maintain services at the NDG site which has been closed since the pandemic hit.

Joan Simand said she and fellow NDG residents been trying to meet with YMCA officials about the future of the NDG Y, concerned that three other Ys shut down last year and concerned they weren't informed or consulted about a proposal to sell the land and building on Hampton Avenue to the city of Montreal which would rent it out to the Y. 

Simand said a meeting last month with the head of the YMCA was cancelled after it was constantly put off.

Simand said their worries increased after the daycare at the NDG Y was told to move out after operating there for over 40 years.

"People had seen surveyors on the land of the Y itself, so there have been many alarm bells that were rung and there was also really concern that there wasn't transparent kind of communication," said Simand in an interview with CJAD 800.

Announcement soon

At today's weekly executive committee meeting, executive committee member Nathalie Goulet said they have been studying different scenarios over the past weeks to support the NDG Y and maintain its services in the neighbourhood.

A city spokesperson would not provide any details, only saying the city and the YMCAs of Quebec have been working together for several weeks "to find solutions to ensure they keep quality services for the NDG community especially for the most vulnerable." An announcement is expected soon.

The YMCAs of Quebec said the same thing, adding in a statement that, "Despite the temporary closure of our fitness facilities which we know worry our members, we intend to continue offering a safe, welcoming place for the community and programs to help participants become their best selves through physical activity and other programs."

Simand said she is skeptical about all these vague reassurances.

"We're a little bit concerned about the need for the community to have some kind of forum and possibility to hear if there are things in development and there are possibilities, how is it that members are not really being appraised of these developments?" said Simand.

Simand said they'll be bringing this issue up at next month's borough council meeting.


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