City unveils new restrictions on car traffic on Mount Royal


Montreal's Executive Committee got a look at some of the measures which will be put in place to keep car traffic on the mountain in check this summer.

Last year's controversial pilot project saw through traffic banned, with cars attempting to go up along Remembrance Rd. or Camillien-Houde Way diverted to a parking lot. But a report on the pilot project released earlier this month by the city's public consultation office recommended against a repeat of the project this year.

At that time, mayor Valerie Plante grudgingly accepted the recommendations, and vowed the mountain would never again become a "highway".

To that end, the city came up with several measures aimed at making sure that doesn't happen.

Among them, cars will be prevented from making U-turns with plastic vertical posts installed all along the roadway, increasing the size of the road's shoulder to allow for cyclist and pedestrian traffic, and adding more signs near the lookout.

There will also be more measures to control speed on the mountain pass, including a new speed display panel to let motorists know how fast they're going, a longer traffic light, modified pedestrian crosswalks, and the installation of new speed bumps.

Meanwhile, the 'suspended café' that was implemented last year will be expanded.

The new measures are expected to be approved at next month's city council meeting.