Class action lawsuit claims some breast implants can cause cancer

Breast Implants

A class action lawsuit has been launched against five manufacturers and distributors of textured breast implants, because of an alleged cancer risk the implants can cause.

It seeks $57,000 per participant in the suit, and considering more than 20,000 patients got the implants in the last decade, the damages could potentially run into the billions of dollars.

Karen Malkin-Lazarovitz, is a cancer patient advocate who had the implants put in after she underwent a double mastectomy.

"How they could be so lackadaisical about saying, 'eh, we're going to try and get them back on the market,' knowing the issues that happened because of all the silicone and all the poisoning that's going on...It's unacceptable to me," she said.

She says these companies are playing with people's lives, and they need to be held accountable.

Joey Zukran, the Montreal lawyer who's leading the suit, points out that some of the implants being targeted by the suit have been banned in Europe.

CJAD 800's Saif Kaisar also contributed to this report.