Class action request filed on behalf of alleged victims of Greenfield Park ex-hockey coach

Francois Lamarre CTV

A Quebec law firm is launching a $10-million class-action lawsuit on behalf of the alleged victims of a former Montreal police officer and hockey coach who died awaiting trial on sex-related charges.   

The request for authorization filed Tuesday alleges Francois Lamarre sexually abused dozens or possibly hundreds of children during the 30 or so years he worked as a minor hockey coach in the city of Greenfield Park, which is now part of Longueuil.

The class action targets Lamarre's estate and the city of Longueuil. The allegations have not been proven in court.

Lamarre died in July at the age of 71 before his case could go to trial. He was charged with gross indecency, indecent exposure, sexual assault, sexual touching and invitation to sexual touching, involving four alleged male victims between the ages of nine and 16.

Robert Kugler, one of the lawyers who filed the lawsuit, said today he hopes the class action will encourage more of Lamarre's alleged victims to come forward.

The applicants are asking for $10,000,000 in punitive damages, as well as additional damages for each of the victims in an amount to be determined by the court.


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