Closing arguments begin in Eric Salvail trial on Wednesday


MONTREAL -- Eric Salvail's lawyer is due to plead on behalf of his client on Wednesday and argue why he should not be convicted of sexual assault, forcible confinement and harassment.

Michel Massicotte, a seasoned litigator, will try to convince Judge Alexandre Dalmau of the Court of Quebec to say the word "acquitted" three times.

The charges were brought against the former 51-year-old star host for actions that date back to 1993 on Donald Duguay.

The evidence was declared closed on Monday, after hearing from three new witnesses, who filed their statements with the police. The first part of the trial took place over the winter at the Montreal courthouse.

Salvail was accused sexually assaulting Duguay, a work colleague, in a Radio-Canada bathroom -- after several months of advances, harassment, sexual comments and inappropriate touching in the workplace. 

Duguay filed a complaint against the ex-host in 2017 and asked to be identified publicly.

Salvail testified at his trial and outright denied all the allegations. 

Crown prosecutor Amélie Rivard is scheduled to plead Thursday.


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