Community transmission is on the rise in Montreal

Case chart

As the Quebec government continues its quest to increase testing within the hardest hit communities in Montreal, the number of daily cases of community transmission is also going up.

Montreal public health data shows community transmission or open/unknown environment transmission accounts for between 200 and 300 of the daily cases on the island. The average for April was 175 per day. 

By comparison transmission within long term care homes, hospitals and among healthcare workers has been declining for about a week.

Epidemiologist Nimâ Machouf told Le Devoir the latest spikes in community transmission can be linked to previous outbreaks in long term care homes or hospitals.  She said a healthcare worker brings the virus home, infects a loved one who then ventures out to a grocery store or other location and exposes the community to COVID-19.

The increased rate of community transmission could further postpone the opening of businesses in Montreal. Premier Francois Legault has made it clear if the situation in Montreal does not improve he will not hesitate to keep things closed.


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