Concerns confirmed - woman's paraplegic sister contracts COVID-19 at Grace Dart long term care home


A woman who was worried about her paraplegic sister residing at one of the hardest hit long term care homes in Montreal has had her concerns materialize - her sister tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Anne Leblanc fought tooth and nail about a month ago to get her sister Madeleine out of a room where a COVID-infected resident was also staying at the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre. 

While that transfer finally happened, her sister tested positive anyway last Thurday.

Leblanc said she's still concerned measures are still lax - after testing positive, her sister was moved down the hall into a room with two other residents who had tested negative. Leblanc said it was only later that night that her sister was moved to a hot zone with other COVID cases.

"I'm concerned that it could get a lot worse - I know that people have had it for two weeks and died towards the end of the two week period," said Leblanc.

"I'm just waiting - there's nothing more I can do. I'm just waiting to see if the condition gets worse because this other woman, she'd already had it for two weeks before it got really bad."

Leblanc said what's encouraging is that so far, her sister seems to be feeling alright.

Government statistics show 58 residents have died at the Grace Dart, wth 50 others infected with COVID19.


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