Construction holiday sees increase in road deaths, injuries over same time last year

(file photo)

This year's construction holiday saw an increase in car crashes causing both injury and death over last year, according to data released by Quebec provincial police.

According to the Surete du Quebec, there were 11 fatal collisions causing 11 total deaths between July 16 and Aug. 1. Last year, there were nine deaths in nine collisions.

There were also 532 collisions causing bodily injury, compared to 510 during 2020's construction holiday.

In total, the SQ recorded 19,983 violations of the province's Highway Safety Code during the construction holiday. Of those, 11,854 were speeding tickets and 1,168 were stops to verify a motorist was not impaired by alcohol or drugs.

In total, 313 people were arrested for impaired driving.

With many Quebecers still taking their summer vacations in August, the police warned that speed, distraction and impairment are the three main causes of collision and drivers should exercise caution on the road.  


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