Cote Saint-Luc mayor worried about new Decarie Square project

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A development project in Cote Saint-Luc has its mayor worried.

The new owner of Decarie Square, bought for 42-million dollars, is planning to build 7-hundred housing units, maybe even a seniors' home.

Among other things, it also wants twice as much space for medical clinics.

All this would require a zoning change by Cote Saint-Luc to permit the residential portion.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein told CTV he's concerned about the impact on traffic, adding Decarie could worsen because of other area work, including the new Royalmount project, which is expected to house 6,000 condos.

"We'd like a train station, we'd like to see Clanranald extended, Vezina, either a one-way with no parking. We want better access to Namur metro. For us, it's all about traffic 'cause we realize what's happening around us", said Brownstein.

The developer of the project, valued at 300-million dollars, says he'll work with Cote Saint-Luc on a traffic plan.